Dot & Dadding

dot and dabbing plasterers cardiff

Never a Job Too Small

Dot & Dabbing was a technique that was developed to actually replace traditional wet plastering, it is still a technique that is used a lot within the world of plastering and you will see that a large range of new properties. Essentially it is the process of putting dots and dabs of adhesive straight onto both wooden and masonry partitions. This then allows for the quick and easy process of applying the plasterboard directly to the adhesive compounds that have been dabbed to the wall.

The reason why in the 1970’s this technique became so hugely popular is due to the level of speed in which you could apply the plasterboards as well as it being much quicker overall than wet plastering. If you are a plasterer, you will know that wet plastering certainly requires a high level of skill and takes longer to complete and the drying out speed is much slower. Plus, the dot and dab technique is far cheaper than traditional wet plastering and it allows the walls that are finished in this way to be painted much quicker.