Screed Flooring

screed flooring


Screed flooring is traditionally laid at around 75mm thickness onto a concrete floor sits beneath. Our teams of plasters are highly skilled in the art of screed flooring and this process will usually be completed when the walls and ceiling are being plastered. Using a screed mix will provide strength as to create it, the components that need to be added is one part cement, to three parts sand. After our plasterers have completed this job, we urge you to take a close look and check for yourself how level the floor is. Then once you are happy, you can now add you desired floor finish. Simple as that.

By all means, it is NOT vital to use screed flooring as structurally, screeds do not add huge benefit. However, the concrete subfloor below the screed usually is not laid to a high standard, therefore taking the time to have screed flooring implemented before the final finish is added will ensure that the floor is completely level so and of course to ensure you are satisfied.